Find out what our current and former clients have said after they have hired our bankruptcy lawyer.

“Best Lawyer Ever!”  

“In all seriousness, the title says it all. Aaron Lloyd genuinely cares about his customers. He helped my wife and I with our Bankruptcy and he made the the whole gloom experience seem hopeful, in that, my wife and I would be debt free and back on our feet. He gave us honest advice, not only the pros but the cons as well – he gives the whole story not just the part that sounds good to make you want to gain his business.

Aaron handled all the details of the bankruptcy with precision and he kept track of all the issues my wife and I told him about in regards to our bankruptcy. He was very patient with us even with my two year old running around the house and even threw a small ball at him, he laughed and tossed the ball back to my son.

It didn’t feel like it was all complete business, they made it actually enjoyable and it makes you feel like you no longer helpless against the phone calls. Having a lawyer on your side is a very empowering feeling, just knowing it is illegal to be called by any company for a payment on anything that your filing against, its nice.”
“Thank you Aaron and Wayne! You guys are a dynamic duo. My Son, Wife and I couldn’t thank you more!

(I pretty much never write reviews on businesses but these guys deserve getting noticed and I think that others deserve their kind of expertise and honesty in a time that is similar to mine. It’s good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.)”

Chapter 7 clients who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“I had no idea what to do once a levy was set on my bank account, I was living a nightmare. All the lawyers I called were not much help, didn’t tell me much or wouldn’t schedule me in until a week out! Luckily I stumbled upon Aaron on Avvo and as soon as I gave a call they scheduled me in for the same day,during after hours. He was very professional and went through everything in good detail. I knew I was in good hands everything went well and he went above and beyond. I do wish I had reached out to him a lot sooner in order to file a claim of exemption to get the money that was garnished from me, unfortunately I was a few days too late BUT unlike other lawyers I spoke to Aaron was upfront about what to expect, he acted as quick as possible to submit my bankruptcy and made the process very smooth. Overall, it has been a pleasure working with Aaron and I highly recommend him.”

Chapter 7 clients who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“I have nothing but good feelings for Aaron Lloyd. He did an excellent job with my case and took a lot of the stress out of this process. I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the details of my case or my life story on here, but I’ll say this much… Aaron Lloyd made me feel at ease with the entire process. I have had some bad luck with lawyers in the past and quite frankly too many have just rubbed me the wrong way. Mr.Lloyd is nothing like other lawyers and it is precisely what lead me to review him. I highly recommend him as a bankruptcy attorney, friend and human being. He gives excellent advice and knows the law to the minuet detail. I’ve referred him to a few friends that were tight on money and to my surprise lloyd still worked with them. Do yourself a grand favor and talk with him first. He responds to everything very quickly and is ALWAYS honest with me. How many people have that sort of moral compass and work ethnic? Very very few and Aaron is one of them.”

Former client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Hired Mr. Lloyd as my bankruptcy attorney. He is very professional and has made this process stress free and assuring. Excellent customer service.”

Chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Aaron was very thorough in completing my chapter 7 filing. He took the time to outline the entire process and explained each step. I was very satisfied and would recommend his bankruptcy services.”

Chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Excellent Lawyer. Very intelligent and accurate. Well knowleded and versed with law and bankruptcy claims as well as financial tips and counseling. Aaron assisted from start to finish with out claim leavin nothing out. I would definitely recommend.”Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Aaron has been 100% informative since we began the bankruptcy process with him. He maintains contact and communication with us, answering all our questions with patience, expertise and informing us on what our options are. I would recommend him to anyone seeking bankruptcy or even just to get consultation on bankruptcy.”

Chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Aaron was honest and straightforward with and actually gave me the confidence I need to do what I can to take care of my debts, he is one of the best attorneys I think I have ever talked with, he knows his stuff and instills confidence in some one who like me wants to pay his debts and I will call him to update him on my progress and I hope he has success in every thing he goes for!!

Chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Mr. Lloyd made me feel comfortable discussing my financial situation. He was patient and answered all my bankruptcy questions. He has a thorough understanding of bankruptcy and made it easier for me to understand. I highly recommend Attorney Lloyd.”

Former consultation with our bankruptcy lawyer

“Aaron Lloyd was extremely helpful assisting me with all my questions. He answered my call immediately. He was very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

I would very much recommend Aaron Lloyd.”

Former client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Aaron is a TEAM player which turned my messy case into a cohesive and straightforward case plan. I am extremely happy to say my plan was confirmed. I trust Aaron and will continue to recommend Aaron to my family and friends…”

M.B. chapter 13 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“Mr. Lloyd was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and competent in attaining the discharge of my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I could not have had a better lawyer.”

D.B. former chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“I hired Aaron for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was thorough and efficient from start to finish. His professionalism and kindness was noted and I look forward to referring others to his firm.”

Former chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

An excellent choice for attorney services. Up to date and on the spot Aaron has effectively handled an on ongoing problem for me in the matter of a few short weeks. I recommend Mr. Lloyd an will not hesitate to call him for any legal matters that may arise in the future. Not; Aaron is well net worked. I’m confident he will have an avenue of solution on all matters.

Former chapter 7 client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer

“I have hired many lawyers and working with Mr Lloyd was a very good experience for me. He grasped all the issues very quickly and remained in constant contact with me from start to finish. He was also very fair with his time and billing, which is very rare in my experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Lloyd.”

Former client who hired our bankruptcy lawyer


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